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Q: How long is the club season? 

A: The club season runs from November (after the Utah high school state tournament) through the end of April or the beginning of May depending on the AAU tournament schedule. Teams practice twice a week for 2 hours (usually Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday).  We take breaks for regular school holidays through the season.

Q:  How many tournaments are there during the season?

A:  Our teams participate in 5 tournaments through the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).  Typically we play at three 2-day tournaments that start Friday afternoons and finish on Saturday nights, and two 1-day tournaments that start and finish on Saturdays. Most tournaments are played in the Salt Lake and Utah County areas, but some teams have been scheduled to play in Ogden in the past. Tournaments usually start in January and end in April or May.

Q:  Where can I find the tournament schedules?

A:  AAU posts the tournament schedules online at The tournament schedules are usually posted on Tuesdays before play begins. As soon as the location and times have been set, your coach will contact you with information about where and when each team will play.

Q:  Does each team travel to out of state tournaments?

A:  Teams are not required to travel to tournaments, but each team decides if they would like to travel. Travel tournaments incur additional fees, but those fees will cover any additional practices, tournament registration fees, hotels and food while at the tournament. Travel tournaments are a great way to get recognized by college coaches. If you are interested in traveling to an out-of-state tournament, let us know and we’ll work with your team and coaches to find a tournament that works for you. In the past our teams have played at the national Volleyball Festival in Phoenix, AZ and SCVA tournaments in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Teams have also considered traveling to California, Nevada, and Orlando as well. These are all great tournaments that give the girls an experience that they can’t get in Utah, which really helps to better their game quickly.

Q:  How do tryouts work?

A:  Tryouts are divided by age group, with pre-high school players trying out together and high school players trying out together. Each player will be given a number and all girls will run through a couple drills with coaches and then put in game-like situations. Tryouts are a good way for us to assess each player’s ability and to initially place them on a team that will help them thrive and excel throughout the season. We will form initial teams within a week of tryouts and then official teams will be formed following that, so that we have sufficient time to evaluate each player’s ability and potential, and determine which team will be the best fit for him or her. Players may be moved around to different teams within the first two weeks of practices as players are added to teams.

Q:  Who will my coach be?

A:  Our coaches are dedicated, experienced coaches who have played at the highest levels of volleyball throughout the nation. They have been handpicked because of their experience and knowledge of the game. To see our list of coaches, check out our Coaches page.

Q:  Why two coaches per team?

A:  We have found through a combined eighty years of volleyball and coaching experience that having two coaches on the practice courts allows our coaches to better help girls learn team chemistry and most importantly, individual skills. A second coach means that girls can get individual instruction and attention without interrupting the flow of practice for other players. An extra coach also allows players to play against our coaches during drills to create very game-like situations during practices against high level players.

Q:  How many players per team?

A:  We prefer to have 9-10 players on a team. Each player is placed on his or her team because we believe that he or she will be effective at their position in both practices and in tournaments. We do not place players just to “fill out” teams. Our teams play to win, not just to have each player play, but you can be confident that each player will play a role in each team’s success.

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