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What makes us unique?

  • Phenomenal Coaching! We have spent the last 5 years of our time in Utah training phenomenal coaches and putting together a coaching staff who can train elite athletes for the future of volleyball in Utah. We have coaches with college volleyball experience, NCAA national championship experience, state title experience, and all sorts of volleyball coaching experience across many of the states in America. Our coaches love the game, know the fundamentals of the game, and have shown that they care deeply about the progression and improvement of all the athletes they coach. Check out our coaches page to see how great our staff is and see how we can help your athlete reach the next level.
  • College Recruiting Experience.   At Elevate Athletics we have coached more than 40 athletes who have gone on to play in college. We have connections with schools all across the US and can help your athlete with the recruiting process. We will help your athlete set and accomplish goals that will lead them to compete at the next level.


  • Focus on fun!  Elevate’s philosophy has always been that fun volleyball is the best kind of volleyball. So at every practice and every tournament, we want to make sure that every athlete is having as much fun as she can, because it is our firm belief that volleyball is the best sport ever. Don’t worry though, Elevate Athletics focuses on improving athletes’ skill levels within this fun environment, because if you’re not getting better, you can’t always have fun.


  • Positive coaching.  This is at the heart of Elevate Athletic’s philosophies. Because confidence is such a crucial part of volleyball, we believe that positive coaching is the best kind of coaching. Yelling and negative comments will always detract from an athlete’s confidence, and thus their ability to play their best. At Elevate Athletics we believe that always staying positive when coaching (but at the same time not being afraid to correct a player’s mistake) will help an athlete’s game more than otherwise.
  • Two coaches for every team.  We will do our best to have at least two coaches at every practice. This is important so that one coach can be in charge of running the practice and making sure it goes smoothly, while the other is available to pull girls aside individually to work with them one-on-one for their particular needs.

Elevate Athletics History:

Elevate Athletics, formerly Dig It! Volleyball Club, was founded in 2015 by Isa Takahashi and Marshall Kinnison who came together to create a volleyball club where elite athletes can thrive.

Read more in Elevate Athletics History.

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